Discover Luxury Living: Armani Beach Residences on Palm Jumeirah Unveiled

Discover Luxury Living: Armani Beach Residences on Palm Jumeirah Unveiled

In the heart of Dubai’s prestigious Palm Jumeirah, a new epitome of luxury living is emerging – the Armani Beach Residences by Arada. With its mesmerizing design crafted by renowned architect Tadao Ando, this development is set to redefine opulence. Let’s delve into the details of this extravagant project where luxury meets subtlety, and every detail reflects the timeless elegance of Armani/Casa.

Armani Beach Residences Overview:

Situated on the outer crescent of Palm Jumeirah, the Armani Beach Residences boast 53 two to five-bedroom residences, penthouses, and two exclusive presidential suites. The prices start at Dh21 million for a two-bedroom residence, reaching Dh60 million for a five-bedroom unit. What sets these apartments apart is their size – among the top 5% on The Palm, offering spacious living up to 43,830 square feet.

Architectural Brilliance:

Designed by Tadao Ando, a Pritzker-Prize-winning architect, this project marks his first collaboration with Armani and his initial venture into the Middle East. Ando’s minimalist approach and simple architecture make Armani Beach Residences a unique addition to the luxurious landscape of Palm Jumeirah.

Luxury Redefined:

Armani/Casa’s touch graces every corner of these residences, from living spaces to bathrooms and kitchens. Floor-to-ceiling glass facades, circular or linear foyers, and private terraces contribute to the overall grandeur. The amenities are equally impressive, including a spa, function room, cigar lounge, movie theatre, children’s playroom, and a private beach. Buyers can personalize their space by choosing between light and dark palettes.

Presidential Suites Extravaganza:

The pinnacle of luxury resides in the two presidential suites on the top floor. Offering courtyard space, a pool, gym, library, private cinema, and parking for seven cars, these suites provide an unparalleled living experience. What’s more, buyers will embark on a journey to Milan, meeting Georgio Armani himself to customize their suites with the Armani/Casa team.

Market Insights:

Armani Beach Residences enters a thriving real estate market in Dubai. While the average price per square foot for branded residences is around Dh3,536, these residences set a new benchmark, starting from Dh8,000 and above. Despite the expected slowdown in market growth, Palm Jumeirah remains robust, securing its position as a premium location resilient to economic shifts.

Future Prospects:

Scheduled for completion by the end of 2026, Armani Beach Residences is poised to become a symbol of luxury and sophistication in Dubai. Arada anticipates continued growth in the real estate market, albeit at a more moderate pace. The success of this project hints at another branded venture on the horizon, promising more exceptional living experiences.


Armani Beach Residences stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of architectural brilliance and luxury living. With its distinctive features, personalized options, and a location synonymous with prestige, this development offers a lifestyle beyond imagination. As Dubai’s property market continues to evolve, Armani Beach Residences emerges as a beacon of refined living on the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

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