#THINGSTODOINDUBAI: Exploring the Dubai Desert: A Thrilling Bike Ride Through Al Qudra Cycle Track

#THINGSTODOINDUBAI: Exploring the Dubai Desert: A Thrilling Bike Ride Through Al Qudra Cycle Track

The Al Qudra Cycle Track in Dubai has emerged as a thrilling haven for adventure seekers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Spanning an impressive 86 kilometers, this trail offers breathtaking vistas of the desert landscape and the chance to witness the majestic Arabian oryx in its natural habitat. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or a novice rider, the track promises an unforgettable experience for all.

Al Qudra: A Cycling Mecca

Embraced by weekly cycling clubs, professional athletes, and casual riders, Al Qudra Cycle Track has become a popular spot in Dubai. Many avid cyclists recommend embarking on this journey during the early hours of the day to relish the unparalleled beauty of a sunrise ride. However, the charm of the track is not limited to mornings, as the awe-inspiring sunsets paint the desert with a golden hue. It is essential to plan your visit in advance, considering the limited availability of transportation and the absence of illumination after dark.

Bike Rental and Convenience

To facilitate your cycling adventure, Trek Bicycle Store situated at the end of Al Qudra Road provides excellent bike rental services. While some parts of the track are accessible by cars, the majority of the route is exclusively reserved for cyclists. Moreover, the presence of rest stations along the way, offering shaded benches and facilities, ensures a comfortable and convenient journey. You can also find restroom facilities near the Trek store and at the intersection of Bab Al Shams Road and Al Qudra.

Navigating to Al Qudra Cycle Track

Located in the Al Lisaili area, Al Qudra Cycle Track can be reached by taking Umm Suqeim St from Dubai, with a car ride from the mall area typically taking around 40 minutes. For those relying on taxis, planning ahead is advisable. If you intend to rent a bike from Trek Bicycle Store, be mindful of their operating hours for both pick-up and drop-off.

Unveiling the Length and Options

The primary loop of Al Qudra Cycle Track stretches across 50 kilometers, which can be shortened to 35 kilometers by taking a bypass route. Including extensions and the additional roadside ‘horse shoe’ route, the entire track boasts an estimated length of 180 kilometers. For beginners, the flexibility to turn back at any point ensures a safe and enjoyable experience.

A Journey to Remember

Al Qudra Cycle Track embodies the essence of Dubai’s rugged yet enchanting desert landscape. As you pedal through the ever-shifting sands and relish the serenity of the untouched terrain, you’ll find yourself captivated by the raw beauty of this unparalleled cycling destination. Whether you’re seeking a challenging ride or a leisurely excursion, this track promises an experience that transcends the boundaries of ordinary adventure, inviting you to discover the heart and soul of the Dubai desert on two wheels.

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