Exploring the Essence of Luxury Living: Address Dubai Mall, Formerly Address Fountain Views

Exploring the Essence of Luxury Living: Address Dubai Mall, Formerly Address Fountain Views

In a strategic move to preserve its iconic status, Emaar Properties, the esteemed owner of Dubai’s Address Fountain Views, has unveiled a new identity for this landmark hotel—welcome to the ‘Address Dubai Mall.’ This transition, effective from January 8, is not merely a change of name but a commitment to upholding unparalleled luxury and delivering the signature experience associated with the Address Hotels + Resorts brand.

The Iconic Connection:

Situated adjacent to the world’s largest retail and entertainment hub, Dubai Mall, the Address Dubai Mall boasts direct connectivity to this global landmark. With its inauguration in late 2019, the property has become synonymous with opulence, featuring 193 rooms, 783 residences, six restaurants, and spa facilities. Notably, it is also conveniently located near the recently opened Chinatown Dubai Mall.

The Vision Behind the Rebranding:

Emaar Properties, under the visionary leadership of Mohamed Alabbar, emphasizes that the rebranding is more than a mere name change. It symbolizes a reaffirmation of their commitment to unrivaled luxury and excellence in the hospitality sector. The integration of the ‘Address Dubai Mall’ aligns with Emaar’s mission to preserve the heritage and grandeur associated with its iconic properties.

Dubai’s dynamic hospitality sector has witnessed several strategic rebranding moves, particularly in and around Downtown Dubai. These shifts signify the industry’s adaptability and commitment to evolving trends, ensuring that guests continue to experience the epitome of hospitality excellence.

Residential Elegance:

Beyond its hospitality offerings, the Address Dubai Mall introduces an exquisite residential dimension. The one-bedroom units, starting at Dh3.5 million, and the lavish 3-bedroom format, with an asking price of Dh9 million, cater to those seeking a permanent slice of luxury living in the heart of Dubai.


The evolution from Address Fountain Views to Address Dubai Mall is not just a change in nomenclature; it’s a testament to Emaar Properties’ dedication to crafting unparalleled experiences. As the hotel embraces its new identity, it invites residents and visitors alike to immerse themselves in a world where luxury knows no bounds. Join us on a journey where the fusion of iconic heritage and contemporary elegance defines the very essence of Address Dubai Mall.

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