Dubai’s Ascendancy: A ‘Live, Work, Play’ Oasis in the Global Real Estate Landscape

Dubai's Ascendancy: A 'Live, Work, Play' Oasis in the Global Real Estate Landscape

Dubai, the cosmopolitan gem of the Middle East, has once again taken the spotlight in the global real estate arena. According to the recently released report by Knight Frank, titled “Rise of the Super Wealth Hub Series: Dubai Edition,” the city has solidified its position as one of the world’s best “live, work, play” destinations. This comprehensive analysis delves into Dubai’s prowess across six core areas, showcasing its remarkable performance in Urban Prosperity, Governance and Talent, Legal Framework, Enterprise Excellence, Lifestyle, and Opulence.

Work and Live: Dubai’s Standout Domains

The report underscores Dubai’s excellence in both the work and live domains. In the work category, the city thrives in a business-friendly environment, scoring remarkably high in ease of doing business (0.92), ease of capital flow (0.85), and financial market competitiveness (0.82). Meanwhile, in the live category, Dubai shines with notable scores in average travel times (0.75) and purchasing power parity (0.80).

The Allure of Dubai

Faisal Durrani, Partner and Head of Research at Knight Frank – Middle East and North Africa (MENA), emphasizes Dubai’s global allure, particularly in the context of the post-pandemic world. The city’s unique “live-work-play” lifestyle has garnered international attention, driving a surge in demand for real estate. Dubai boasts the deepest luxury homes market globally, a Grade A office market with scarce space, and a hospitality market with the highest occupancy levels worldwide.

Market Sentiment and Economic Outlook

Durrani highlights the underestimated role of market sentiment in driving economic growth and real estate activity. The unveiling of D33, a transformative $8.7 trillion roadmap, has significantly boosted Dubai’s economic outlook. Under D33, Dubai aims to double foreign trade, become the world’s fourth most prominent financial center by 2033, and double its population to 7.8 million by 2040. The city’s commitment to sustainability, exemplified by projects like the Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar power plant, further enhances its global standing.

Dubai’s Global Real Estate Leadership

Knight Frank not only positions Dubai as a ‘live, work, play’ city but also underscores its global prominence in the real estate market. The Dubai office market stands out with rising rents and high demand, particularly in sectors like banking, fintech, media, and telecommunications. Dubai’s consistently rising standard of living, coupled with top-notch public safety, makes it a top choice for luxury homes among high-net-worth individuals globally.

Sustainability and Innovation

Dubai’s commitment to sustainability is a key factor contributing to its leadership in the real estate market. Ambitious projects like the Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar power plant, aiming for 100 percent renewable power generation by 2050, exemplify the city’s dedication to environmental responsibility. Additionally, Dubai’s embrace of green and sustainable building standards, including a target of 35 percent 3D-printed buildings by 2030, positions it as a pioneer in innovative construction practices.

Residential Market Growth

Dubai’s residential property market continues to exhibit robust growth, marking its 11th consecutive quarter of price appreciation. In the third quarter of 2023, prices surged by an average of 5 percent, with apartment and villa prices rising to $354 and $430 per square foot, respectively. Looking ahead to 2024, mainstream property values are projected to grow by 3.5 percent, while the prime residential market anticipates even stronger price growth at 5 percent.


As Dubai charts its course into the future, the city stands as a beacon of success in the global real estate landscape. Its ‘live, work, play’ ethos, coupled with visionary initiatives like D33 and a commitment to sustainability, cements Dubai’s position as a premier destination for real estate investment. With a thriving residential market and a leadership role in global real estate, Dubai continues to be the city where dreams become reality.

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