Dubai Real Estate Market Boasts Record-Breaking Sales: Expensive Penthouse Sold for Dh122 Million

Dubai Real Estate Market Boasts Record-Breaking Sales: Expensive Penthouse Sold for Dh122 Million

Discover the thriving Dubai real estate market as it showcases its latest achievement with the sale of a luxurious four-bedroom penthouse at Bulgari Resort and Residences for a staggering Dh122 million. This remarkable transaction sets a new record, making it the most expensive ready penthouse ever sold in the emirate.

Spanning an entire floor across 12,113 square feet, this prestigious penthouse exemplifies the enduring demand for high-end properties, particularly penthouses, fueled by an influx of affluent individuals. The sale was facilitated by Driven Properties, a trusted name in the real estate industry.

Dubai’s real estate sector continues to captivate attention, and in February 2023, the city achieved yet another milestone when a penthouse at Bulgari Lighthouse was sold for an astonishing Dh410 million, solidifying its position as the most expensive penthouse in Dubai.

Recently, an extraordinary three-bedroom apartment in the Bulgari Resort and Residences commanded Dh13,543 per square foot, setting a new record for the highest price per square foot ever recorded in Dubai. With a price tag of Dh42.9 million, this remarkable sale showcases the exceptional value of the property.

Last year, Bulgari Resort and Residences also held the previous record for the highest price per square foot, with an apartment sold at Dh12,624 per sqft, amounting to a total value of Dh40 million.

“Dubai continues to assert itself as one of the world’s most dynamic real estate markets, showing no signs of slowing down. Bulgari Resort and Residences stands out among all other areas for good reason—the project offers unparalleled privacy, exceptional location, and impeccable quality,” remarked Abdullah Alajaji, the Founder and CEO of Driven Properties.

Leila Shugri, the agent responsible for this remarkable sale, commented, “This latest transaction is a testament to Dubai’s thriving property market, which continues to expand with each passing day. Expect many more exciting deals in this prime area.”

Experience the allure of Dubai’s real estate landscape, characterized by extraordinary sales and unprecedented growth. Bulgari Resort and Residences emerges as a coveted address, setting new benchmarks in luxury living.

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