Dubai Real Estate: Expo City’s Transformation Ahead of COP28

Dubai Real Estate: Expo City's Transformation Ahead of COP28

Expo City Dubai, a vibrant and futuristic neighborhood that previously hosted Expo 2020 Dubai, is undergoing a significant transformation as it prepares to welcome thousands of global climate delegates for COP28. Two popular attractions, Rashid’s Garden and Garden in the Sky, have recently closed temporarily, raising curiosity about the changes taking place within Expo City. In this blog post, we will explore the developments in Expo City Dubai, the reasons behind these closures, and how this transformation could impact the Dubai real estate market.

Expo City Dubai’s Evolution

Expo City Dubai, covering an impressive 4.38 square kilometers, has long been known for its innovation, hosting the Expo 2020 Dubai event that showcased groundbreaking ideas and technologies. Now, the neighborhood is on the brink of a remarkable evolution, blending futuristic concepts with traditional Emirati architectural designs. This transformation aims to convey the rich heritage of the Emirates to the world, making Expo City an even more compelling destination.

COP28 Preparations

One of the main catalysts for Expo City Dubai’s ongoing makeover is the upcoming COP28, the 28th UN Climate Change Conference. Scheduled to run from November 30 to December 12, COP28 will draw an estimated 70,000 delegates from around the world. To accommodate this influx of visitors and provide a fitting backdrop for this significant global event, Expo City Dubai is enhancing its infrastructure and appearance.

Temporary Closures Explained

Rashid’s Garden and Garden in the Sky, two beloved attractions within Expo City Dubai, have been temporarily closed as part of these preparations. While the official announcement did not specify the exact reasons for their closure, it is believed that the move is intended to facilitate the renovation and refurbishment of these attractions. Rashid’s Garden, known for its lush greenery and serene ambiance, is likely to receive a makeover that aligns with the new Emirati heritage theme. Garden in the Sky, an observation tower offering panoramic views, might also be in line for enhancements to provide an even more awe-inspiring experience.

Real Estate Implications

Expo City Dubai’s transformation holds intriguing implications for the Dubai real estate market. As the neighborhood evolves into a unique blend of modernity and tradition, it is poised to become an even more sought-after location for residents and investors. Properties in Expo City, both residential and commercial, could see increased demand due to the neighborhood’s revitalized appeal. Savvy real estate investors may recognize the potential for long-term growth in this evolving urban landscape.

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