Dubai Emerges as Global Leader in Branded Residences: Report

Dubai Emerges as Global Leader in Branded Residences: Report

Dubai is now the top global location for branded residences, with the most number of schemes in the pipeline compared to any other market in the EMEA region. According to a report by Savills, the sector is expected to grow over 73 percent until 2030, making it roughly 30 percent more active than the second most active market, South Florida. Savills Director of Global Residential Development, Rico Picenoni, said that Dubai has no parallel in the branded residential space, as the city has demonstrated more than 16 percent compound annual growth in the last 20 years. The report also stated that rising numbers of wealthy individuals globally will likely create a new source market of aspirational HNWIs looking for primary or secondary homes in branded residences. Some of the top non-hotel brands with completed schemes in Dubai include YOO inspired by Starck, YOO Studio, Versace, Trump, and Roberto Cavalli. The branded residences sector has a long-proven resilience and adaptability to adverse market conditions, making it an attractive option for buyers in Dubai’s real estate market.”

Dubai’s DAMAC Properties recently launched a property development with iconic fashion brand Cavalli, further cementing the emirate’s reputation as a hub for luxury living. The report by Savills also highlighted London as the second-ranked location for branded residences, followed by Cairo. Across the EMEA region, the number of high net worth individuals has grown by 27 percent in the last five years, creating a particularly high demand for branded residences.

For real estate investors and buyers looking for premium and branded residential properties, Dubai’s real estate market presents a wealth of opportunities. The city’s reputation as a global business and leisure hub, coupled with its attractive tax-free policies, make it an appealing destination for foreign buyers. Additionally, Dubai’s growing population and expanding economy continue to drive demand for luxury properties.

As the real estate market in Dubai continues to evolve and grow, branded residences are poised to remain a key segment of the luxury property sector. With Dubai leading the way as the global leader in branded residences, buyers and investors can expect to find a wide range of high-end properties and amenities in the city’s real estate market.

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